Conference dinner


In case you have special dietary requirements (allergies, religious etc.), please email Elisa Binnerts ( before June 17.


The location of the conference dinner will be: Wintergarden, NH hotel Krasnapolsky. The “Wintertuin” (“Wintergarden”) is a monument and part of the Krasnapolsy complex.

In 1870, a German-Polish immigrant (Wilhelm Krasnapolsky, 1834-1912) bought a coffee house (“The New Polish Coffee House” at Dam Square (Warmoesstraat 169/ Dam 9) and later turned it into a famous hotel. The Wintertuin, designed by G.B. Salm (1831-1897), was added in 1879-1880, and was used for the World Expo 1883. It is one of the oldest examples of a glass covering with cast iron support in the Netherlands.

At first, it was lighted by 4000 gaslights. These raised the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius, and also caused a rather unpleasant atmosphere due to the exhaust gasses. Also then emissions were an issue. Therefore, in 1882 Krasnapolsky ordered the construction of a powerstation in one of the adjacent buildings. The powerstation was operated by de “Nederlandsche Electriciteits Maatschappij”(“Netherlands Electricity Company”), founded by Krasnapolsky, and provided electricity to the hotel and the area around Dam Square. This was the first powerstation of Amsterdam. From then on, the Wintertuin received light from 350 light bulbs. Furthermore, hotel guests received instructions to turn on the light by pushing a button, and received the additional comment that this was safe.

In the 20thcentury Krasnapolsky bought up more buildings. Currently, the hotel consist of multiple connected buildings. Breakfast is served in the Wintertuin, and the Wintertuin is also open to special events, like the conference diner of the 23rd World Conference of the Air Transport Research Society.

Source: This short description is a short summary and translation of the information provided on the website of the City of Amsterdam.


Dinner suggestion for other days of the conference.

In 2016, restaurant The White Room, started by 3* Michelin Executive Chef Jacob Jan Boerma and currently run by Executive Chef Arturo Dalhuisen, was opened. This restaurant (1* Michelin) is also part of the Krasnapolsky complex, and may be a nice location for a good dinner in the City Center.